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To see published reviews, check here after Gloria F. Ross & Modern Tapestry has been reviewed. If you are a prospective reviewer, please contact Paige Jokl, Publicist, at Yale University Press, (203) 432-0964, Thank you!

In the meantime, we have been receiving spontaneous reactions from valued colleagues–thanks to our friends! Here are some:

“Over the years, I’ve collected around one thousand art books. Gloria’s tapestry book ranks among the most beautiful. The cover is wonderful. It’s an honor to be included.” Mark Podwal, artist, 11/30/2010

“I am thrilled with the book. The dedication to the complete story, the attention to detail and the complete and beautiful result is magnificent. I am so proud to have helped in a small way. The quality of the images and the accurateness of the colors is so satisfying as well. It is amazing to me now to think that I was involved in the project with Gloria, but at the time had very little knowledge of the scope of her influence and achievements! I personally was so influenced by seeing the Nevelson Tapestries earlier in my career. It brought back that memory of the inspiration and spark that I followed for many years after. Congratulations on such a successful outcome to your years of dedication and labor. ” Carole Kunstadt, artist, 11/30/2010

“I am absolutely in awe — it is fantastic, beyond anything I dreamed was possible.  I would say it sets the standard for books on Gloria, but I doubt there will ever be another. What more is there to say?  And the visuals are fabulous — it’s great to see all these tapestries.  Many, many congratulations.” Charles Mathes, gallery director, 11/30/2010

“It’s beautiful!  The title page photo gave me chills, announcing something very special was to unfold.  ‘Nevelson Uniques’ sounds all grandma…keep the spirit fresh…and the complexity is typical too.  And Archie Brennan, “The weaving is woven into the weaving, the warp becomes weft, and the weft becomes warp.”!…on the money when visiting Nevelson’s World…love his comment. All the best to you and CONGRATULATIONS!” Marie Nevelson, artist (granddaughter of Louise Nevelson), 11/30/2010

“Thanking Ann Lane Hedlund/Yale Univ. Press for this book that might revitalize tradition of artisan + artist collaborating on rugs.  I remember Stillman/Radich Gallery mid 1960s exhibiting/selling rug after rug designed by artists, latch knotted by artists’ fans…I remember visiting Gloria F. Ross and seeing a Motherwell tapestry on her wall in 1970. At The Ruggery, George Wells first mentioned Gloria F. Ross to me while I was researching time-saving modern rug techniques for a Harper+Row book in 1969 based on artists’ and artisans’ collaborations.” Susanna Cuyler, writer and rug artist, 12/1/2010

“my copy of this book came today and i am completely blown away by it. i have more than 150 books on weaving and at least half related to tapestry. this one is incredible. it weighs 6+ pounds and i may be called upon to set it on a tray table while i go thru it more slowly. as to weaver and artist not being one and the same, this shows the incredible dialog and glorious results of happy collaborations. i expect to learn a great deal and have many thought processes generated by it.” Nancy Biggins, tapestry weaver, 12/6/2010

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