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Brennan & Glueck featured in NYC panel at SOFA

April 1, 2011

Legendary Scottish weaver Archie Brennan and New York Times writer Grace Glueck will join author Ann Hedlund to discuss her new book, GLORIA F. ROSS & MODERN TAPESTRY, on Friday, April 15, 2011, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in New York City. Art historian Derek Ostergard will moderate (or better yet, “enliven”) the discussion.

The SOFA art expo (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art) will host this illustrated panel discussion, “TAPESTRY BECOMES MODERN ART,” at the Park Avenue Armory’s splendid Tiffany Room in Manhattan. Join us to explore questions like “Why make tapestries in the first place?” –“What goes into designing and making an original tapestry?”–“When are tapestries considered works of art (versus reproductions)?” — “How do modern tapestries fit into the contemporary art world?”

For more information on SOFA and its excellent programs on April 14-17, 2011, click: SOFA-NYC. For more about the speakers and their presentations, click HERE.

An illustrated 2011 catalogue with Hedlund’s latest article, “From Collage to Tapestry: Louis Nevelson, Gloria Ross & The Dovecot Studios of Edinburgh,” is available from SOFA. Many thanks to Anne Meszko, Kate Jordan and the excellent organizing team at The Art Fair Company!

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